Vehicle Care

Vehicle Care

Proper Car Care Equals Clean Water!

Motor oil and other automobile fluids are polluting Puget Sound and other waterways. Just think of all the drips and stains you see in streets and parking lots. Much of this leaked fluid washes into local storm drains and eventually into local streams, lakes, rivers, and Puget Sound. Even small amounts of spilled or dumped oil can contaminate entire stretches of shoreline, shellfish growing areas, and recreational attractions.

Let’s Get in Gear

Just as the drips and splatters of oil and other automotive fluids are small but add up, so do small actions taken by many citizens. Please start by checking for leaks regularly to make sure you car isn’t leaking. Ask your mechanic the next time you have your oil changed to take a closer look. Or, if you are a do-it-yourself type, simply place a large sheet of clean cardboard under your engine when you come home while your engine is still hot. Check it several hours later, or in the morning for spots and drips. If your car is leaking, please get it fixed. In the meantime, keep using cardboard to catch drips and dispose of in the trash.

Changing your own oil or other automotive fluids? Again, place old cardboard under the work area and be extra careful to avoid spills and splatters. Use kitty litter to soak up any accidental misses, then sweep up and deposit in the garbage. Be sure to collect your used oil in a reusable waterproof container, and then recycle it at the Thurston County Hazohouse or other local recycling repository.