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Stream Team offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to become educators. If you like to learn and share what you learned in an “official” capacity, then you may enjoy being a Salmon Steward, Sound Steward, or Stormwater Steward. Each type of steward learns different information, and shares the information learned in different ways and at different places. The chart below is a quick reference for how each program works.

Program What do they do? Volunteer
When is the
Salmon Steward

Talk to people who are viewing the slamon at the 5th Avenue dam in Olympia, Tumwater Falls Park, and McLane Creek Nature Trail. Late August to early October for 2 hour shifts and November to mid December for 1.5 hour shifts Yearly in mid August, with Saturday morning site trainings: one each in August, September, and November Total: 14

6 hour

3 site
visits: 8

Consult with residents about possible low impact design features they can incorporate in their landscapes, such as rain gardens and pervious pavers, etc. After comprehensive training, volunteers commit to 35 hours of work during the next two years Training is offered in May and June, including three weekend site trainings Total:
35 hours

15 hours of class training

20 hours of field training

All three types of stewards must participate in a training course and study on their own time. As a new steward, we encourage partnering with another steward, for fact checking and camaraderie. Advanced trainings are offered, as well. People who continue in these programs will gain lots of valuable knowledge.