Sound Stewards

Sound Stewards

Sound Stewards are trained to talk to the public about the history, geology, natural and human-caused changes, water quality and current conditions, and concerns for the future related to Budd Inlet estuary. The walking tours take place in downtown Olympia along the shoreline of Budd Inlet and Capital Lake. The walking tours are about 1.5 hours long. Walks are scheduled with school or other groups.

Two types of walks are offered:

  • A history lesson on the story of the Budd Inlet and dredging and filling over the last 100  years and
  • The same history story but focused on water quality and the health of the estuary, includes a plankton seine

Small groups of friends or coworkers, or out of town guests are invited to request a tour.  View the maps below to see the extent of the dredging and filling of Budd Inlet:


Algae Blooms and Plankton Information

If you go: What to expect

No training will be offered in 2014 for Sound Stewards.

This program is currently not being offered. For general inquiries about this program, please email or call 360-438-2672.