Beach Seining 

Each summer Stream Team sponsors an evening beach seine along a Budd Inlet shoreline. Participants help roll out a long seining net and pull the net to shore to see what types of fish and other marine species are in the nearshore environment. After viewing the animals caught in the net, they are released. The visiting biologist will talk about the fish and other marine species caught in the net and the environmental issues facing marine species of Puget Sound.

If you go: What to Expect

Participants have the choice to stay on shore, or to wade into the water (1- 3 feet) to help pull in the seining net.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Be Safe: please bring personal flotation device / life jacket for small children.

Be prepared for weather. Summer on the water is either cool and breezy or hot and sunny. Don’t forget your hat, sun block and water!

Water shoes or boots are optional.

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