EcoSystem Stories 

Create a wind sock or small banner telling your own EcoSystem Story using the ancient fabric dying method called batiking. Every spring, Stream Team offers this opportunity to create artwork in the amazing Procession of the Species Art Studio!

Upon entering the studio, participants are often speechless before they exclaim their amazement and delight at the natural wonders represented in colorful 3-D life-size artforms, banners, masks, and costumes. Stream Team takes this opportunity to nurture your love of nature to create a piece of art representing the magic of the natural world. You draw a picture of something in nature and transfer that picture onto fabric using batik painting techniques. It’s easy and fun, and brings about a creative aspect of nature appreciation and celebration. This workshop is for all ages; no experience is necessary!

Added Bonus: If you under 18 or a student, you can show your artwork at ArtsWalk (4th Friday in April) with the Stream Team display.

If you go: What to Expect

The workshop will be held in downtown Olympia at the Procession of the Species Art Studio. Located at 311 Capitol Way (in the alley).

All children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Melted soy wax is used for batik painting. The soy wax has a low melting point and is safe for children 3 and older when accompanied by an adult. Small children must be supervised at all times.

Bring a pre-drawn or draw on site and let the studios resources inspire your art piece. Art pieces for Arts Walk showing will be 18 inches by 24 inches. Batik and painting materials will be supplied. Bring an old shirt or apron to protect clothing from paint. The studio also has a few to loan.

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