Marine Creature Mondays 

Learn about and see some common and unusual marine creatures living in Puget Sound at Marine Creature Monday at Boston Harbor Marina on select Mondays in July and August.

The saltwater oceans and seas cover over 70% of the earth’s surface and hold 96.5% of the earth’s water (United States Geologic Service), yet for most of us we will never see the diversity of life that lives underwater up close. Here in our own back yard, Puget Sound is home to thousands of resident and transient creatures from the smallest plankton to the large orca whale.

Through Stream Team’s most popular event “Marine Creatures Mondays”, you can experience some of the wonders of Puget Sound. Scuba divers help out our volunteer marine biologists as they collect underwater creatures from the sea floor and docks. The specimens are placed in seawater and gently released back into Puget Sound.

Divers will give a short demonstration of their scuba equipment before diving to collect marine creatures.  A biologist will share each specimen as they hold and discuss these fascinating marine invertebrates. Participants are able to view ‘critters” up close and even get to touch some of them!

If you go: What to Expect

Marine Creature Mondays are held on selected Monday’s in July and August at Boston Harbor Marina. Boston Harbor Marina is privately owned, but the owners graciously allow us to conduct this program on their docks.

Two sessions are held on Mondays at 11:30AM and 1PM. Each session is 1-1.5 hours long. Registration is necessary to keep the group size small. The program is offered on select Mondays in the summertime. For a list of dates and times or to register, view Stream Team’s calendar.

Be Safe: Non-swimmers and children 6 and under are required to wear a personal flotation device / life jacket while on the docks. The marina has a few to loan if you do not have your own.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Be prepared for weather. Summer on the water is either cool and breezy or hot and sunny. Don’t forget your sun block!

For more information please contact Michelle Stevie at or 369-753-8336.

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