Meet the Trees of Washington 

All around Thurston County we see tall, majestic trees reminding us that we live in the “Evergreen State.” Do you ever wonder what the trees are that you commonly see and what are the other plants in the forest? What benefits do the trees of Washington provide our communities and our health?

At the “Meet the Trees of Washington” field class you will learn about common tree and plant species in Western Washington through in-class presentations and then have a chance to see some up close during a guided field trip to McLane Creek Nature Trail.

The class includes an introduction to native forests, including little-known facts about your favorite trees, a hands-on activity to teach basic ideas in keying out trees, and more details about the plants and animals you can discover in several local ecosystems right here in South Puget Sound.

For the second half of the class, we’ll board a bus to McLane Creek Nature Trail for hands-on learning of trees, shrubs, ferns, flowers and more!

The “Meet the Trees of Washington” field class is held once a year in early June.

For more information contact WSU Native Plant Salvage Project at or 360-867-2166.

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