Stream Monitoring

As our shoreline habitats change due to urban development and climate change, shoreline habitat functions also change affecting feeding and nesting habitats for shorebird populations. Tracking shorebird species and estimating populations can help scientists over time understand changes in our nearshore ecosystems.

Why survey shorebirds?

  • To track population trends and changes over time.
  • To track effectiveness of shoreline and estuary restoration.
  • To track trends in habitat changes due to climate change.
  • Surveying is easy and can be done year round.

If you go: What to Expect

In April we will conduct a field trip to learn about and observe shorebirds as they migrate through Puget Sound. Volunteers will be instructed on bird identification, habits as well as how to keep track of their observations. All accessible shorelines in Thurston County may be surveyed year round. Volunteers commit to as much time as they are able and locations that are convenient.

For more information contact Michelle Stevie at or 360-753-8336.

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