Get Involved


What are you waiting for? With Stream Team, you get to choose the activities that interest you and the amount of time that suits your schedule. It’s easy and FREE!

Stream Team offers a wide variety of ways for people to participate: from wearing hip waders in winter to monitor amphibian egg masses to standing on the sunny dock at Boston Harbor in the summer to learn about marine creatures! Or maybe, you just prefer to read and learn from the newsletter and practice your own ways of reducing stormwater runoff pollution and restoring and protecting habitats. Either way, by being part of Stream Team you can become part of the solution to improving water quality and associated habitats.

Just sign up for the weekly email and quarterly newsletter to learn about activities and events; and participate when and how you are able. It’s that easy!

Reasons to Volunteer

To help our environment and community Plant and maintain trees and shrubs at restoration sites, monitor, mark and rake storm drains
To learn more about the Pacific Northwest Attend a class or workshop, or train to be a Salmon or Sound Steward or train to monitor habitats
To monitor habitats and wildlife Collect macroinvertebrate samples, observe purple martins or shorebirds, identify and map invasive weeds, or count amphibian egg masses.
To teach others—share information Train to be a volunteer educator: Salmon Steward, Sound Steward, or Stormwater Steward
To do an action project for service learning or participate with my youth, religious, or civic group Plant at a restoration site, maintain plants and pull weeds at a restoration site, monitor, habitats
To teach your children about environmental stewardship Plant trees, mark storm drains, attend Marine Creature Monday, or make an Ecosystem Story batik

What to Do When

Stream Team offers activities all year long!


Community Service Hours

Do you need community service hours? If you are a student, scout or community member who needs to earn community service hours, Stream Team may be able to help. Stream Team volunteers can earn community service hours at any regularly scheduled action project, including tree planting, trail maintenance, macroinvertebrate (stream bug) monitoring or purple martin nest box monitoring. Also, if you want to do something on your own, consider storm drain marking – it’s easy and we give you the supplies and a neighborhood that is convenient for you.

Check with your teacher, scout leader or other organization prior to the event to make sure they will honor hours earned with Stream Team. If you are between 14 and 18 years old, you can come to a Stream Team project without a parent, but you must bring a signed liability waiver or have your parent sign it when you are dropped off. For your convenience, you can print the Stream Team Waiver of Liability and have a parent sign it. Bring the waiver and your required tracking form with you. If you forget your form, we can provide you with a Stream Team Community Service Hours tracking card.