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The Pacific Northwest and particularly "deep" South Puget Sound, where Thurston County is located, is a wonderfully unique place that consists of glacial soils, small sized streams, natural lakes, wetlands and many seasonal streams and wetlands. The land is part of a geologic area called the Puget Sound lowlands.

Thurston County has many miles of marine shoreline, that includes three inlets that are solely located in Thurston County: Henderson, Budd, and Eld Inlets.

Are you interested in knowing more about the watershed you live in or a favorite stream? Look for featured Thurston County streams in each of our Stream Team newsletters, or visit the following websites to learn more about water quality issues, salmon and other general stream basin information.

Listed below are websites that have information about local Thurston County streams, including their locations.

Enjoy visiting Puget Sound at local public parks and docks.

Burfoot County Park

Frye Cove County Park

Mud Bay Park & Ride

Priest Point Park

Tolmie State Park

West Bay Park

Woodard Bay Natural Resource Conservation Area

Nisqually Reach Nature Center and DNR boat launch

Take along these educational brochures for low tide walks at Burfoot Park, Tolmie Park, Boston Harbor Marina

Explore local beaches and marina life with the new Puget Sound Sea Life brochures. Retired marine biologist David Jamison provided the photos and text for these colorful and educational brochures on what to see at low tide at local beaches and Boston Harbor Marina.

Tolmie State Park Tolmie State Park (PDF)

Burfoot Park Burfoot Park (PDF)

Boston Harbor Marina Boston Harbor Marina (PDF)

Check tides at Go to Washington, Puget Sound. Tides are available for Budd and Henderson Inlets.

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Each quarterly newsletter features a new Thurston County Stream. Click on the names below to view the newsletter containing the featured stream.